The Ash/Tec Difference

Up to 64% Cost Advantage and 2-3 week faster Lead Time

using Multi-Shift Operations in low cost, rural areas and

One-Stop Shop Solutions for better cost, time, and quality.



(Hegins, PA Production)

Other Shops

(more metropolitan area)



Industrial Property Price - 91% lower



Utilities - 58% lower

$1.35 - $1.52/kwh



Property Tax Millage Rate - 17% lower




2 Shift vs 1 Shift Operation - 50% lower

3 Shift vs 1 Shift Operation - 67% lower

Lead Time is significantly reduced with multi-shift operations.



Example:  Assumes equipment cost of $250k CNC machine at roughly $5,000/mo.


One-Stop Shop Cost Savings of up to 34%

(By machining, fabricating, powder coating

and more in one building, Ash/Tec saves on transportation time and cost.)

Greater accountability for Quality and Delivery by doing everything under one roof

Delivery Risk Reduction through multiple locations with redundant capabilities.

More favorable shipping rates/lead times due to volume of intercompany shipments.

More favorable rates and delivery of raw materials due to large global buying power of multiple locations.