Vision and Values

We the people of Ashland Technologies, Inc. seek to establish this day, and every day, a more perfect company…a company in which each employee and partner is treated as an equal, and shares both intrinsically and financially in the company’s successes and set-backs…a company that seeks high profits in order to maximize shareholder wealth; however, a company that does not put profits above its people, product quality, or fair and honest business practices.


These fundamental truths upon which we operate will guide our direction and our decisions in an ethical and intelligent direction.  These are unwavering ideals that define who we are now and forever.


We firmly believe that “service to our customer” is our #1 priority.  Our success will be determined in as much as we endeavor to anticipate the future needs of customers and proactively deliver unique solutions.  Realizing it will require more than timely delivery of quality parts to win the long battle.


We believe that only through systemic, cost-conscious approach will this dream be realized.


We seek to attract and retain only those individuals who demonstrate their commitment to our cause in both work and thoughtful, aggressive action.  We believe that compensation follows results and will not tolerate equal distribution of performance rewards.  We strongly encourage rich family lives for employees.


We value personal initiative and believe that each employee has the responsibility to conduct himself/herself in the pursuit of never-ending improvement.  In daily communication with fellow stakeholders, we seek first to understand, then to be understood.  We never say “Can not”, we only ask “How can we?”.  We deeply believe that continued education will bring us success.


We continually invest in cutting edge technologies and automation to ensure the highest value to our customers, and to also provide our employees with the best tools to complete their objectives. 


We do not rest in the comfort of today’s accomplishment, but rather challenge ourselves to persevere toward an even better tomorrow.  We WILL re-define our industry forever, leaving a legacy for our children’s, children’s children.  Our future is born today and every day through each minute of effort of hand and mind that is contributed toward our vision.  We will persevere to define our lives and our business not only by the parts we make, but the pride, spirit, and ingenuity that was applied to make them.  I hereby commit to autograph every part, every action, and every day with excellence…

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