CNC Machine

CNC Machining

Number of Machines

CNC Integrated Turning/Milling

Size Range: 1/4”-2.5” dia. thru, 10" chuck

CNC Vertical Milling with CNC Rotary Tables

Size Range: 64” x 32”

CNC Horizontal Milling with Pallet Changers

Size Range: 20” x 20”

CNC Turning with Bar Feeders

Size Range: 3" dia thru, 16” dia x 30”L chuck

CNC Automated Precision Sawing 

CMM Inspection Probing & Reporting Capability

Manual Turning

Size Range: 30”diameter x 60” Long

Manual Milling

Size Range:  60" x 120" 

Material Types: Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Brass,

Bronze, Plastics, and Some Specialty Materials